Recorded Services

Our archive of recorded funeral and memorial services. The videos can also be found on the respective obituary pages.

Edna Dahn

Recorded 7/23/2021 at Mueller-Bies (Roseville)

Sharon "Sherri" Morse

Recorded 5/15/2021 at North Heights Lutheran Church

Janice L. Lindstrom

Recorded 5/13/2021 at Mueller-Bies (Roseville)

Karen M. Schroepfer

Recorded 4/30/2021 at Mueller-Bies (Lino Lakes) 

Laura J. Helmer

Recorded 4/2/2021 at Mueller-Bies (Lino Lakes) 

Patti Jo Kessler

Recorded 3/29/2021 at Mueller-Bies (Roseville) 

Lawrence J. Mathe

Recorded 3/4/2021 at Maternity of Mary Catholic Church 

John B. Davenport

Recorded 3/3/2021 at the Church of St. Agnes 

Edward C. "Bob" Anderson

Recorded 2/10/2021 at the Mueller-Bies (Roseville) 

Karl A. Lacher

Recorded 2/3/2021 at Maternity of Mary Catholic Church

Susan E. Bourke

Recorded 1/28/2021 at Mueller-Bies (Lino Lakes)

Harry H. Koval

Recorded 1/22/2021 at Mueller-Bies (Roseville)

Esther M. Amundson

Recorded 1/21/2021 at Mueller-Bies (Roseville)

Thomas L. St. Martin

Recorded 1/20/2021 at Mueller-Bies (Roseville)

Lorraine A. Stasny

Recorded 1/5/2021 at the Church of St. Bernard

Wayne H. DeHaven., Sr.

Recorded 12/30/2020 at Mueller-Bies (Roseville)

Gerald S. Anderson

Recorded 12/29/2020 at Mueller-Bies (Roseville)

Jack C. Sanford

Recorded 12/20/2020 at Mueller-Bies (Lino Lakes)

Lucas Fiskewold

Recorded 12/17/2020 at Mueller-Bies (Lino Lakes)

Joyce E. Nellis

Recorded 12/11/2020 at Mueller-Bies (Roseville)

Thomas F. Schraad

Recorded 11/30/2020 at the Church of the Holy Childhood

Rosa Maria Freitas Silva

Recorded 11/25/2020 at St. Joseph of the Lakes Catholic Church

Kenneth P. Schroepfer

Recorded 11/23/2020 at Mueller-Bies (Lino Lakes)

Kenneth Bourke

Recorded 11/20/2020 at Mueller-Bies (Lino Lakes)

Nathan D. Johnson

Recorded 11/5/2020 at Mueller-Bies (Lino Lakes)

Barbara J. Anderson

Recorded 10/31/2020 at Mueller-Bies (Roseville)

Leslie A. Kucera

Recorded 10/24/2020 at Mueller-Bies (Lino Lakes)

Christopher P. Ceman & Joanne M. Niemczyk

Recorded 9/19/2020 at St. John the Baptist Church Cemetery 

Kent T. Nelson

Recorded 9/10/2020 at Mueller-Bies (Roseville)

Beverly J. Paul

Recorded 9/9/2020 at Mueller-Bies (Roseville)

Iris H. Terry Kwatera

Recorded 8/31/2020 at Mueller-Bies (Roseville)

Elvin "Tony" Kadlec

Recorded 8/12/2020 at Mueller-Bies (Roseville)